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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


So it was the end of my shift and I started sweeping the floor when I came across something gross.  Here is a picture of what I saw
So now I'm grossed out because there was a lot of it behind the counter.  So I called my boss and told her: "I think we have a mouse or mice because I found a lot mice poop on the floor".  Then I said "actually I think it might be a rat because the poop is so big".  First she said "get down and smell it" but she was only kidding and then she told me to take a picture (above) and send it to her.  After receiving the picture she asked where it was located so I told her in the corner behind the counter.  She then said "is it by the coffee machine?"  I said yes and then felt very stupid.  She told me earlier that day someone spilled COFFEE BEANS on the floor and apparently missed some.  Only me, but it does make a funny story, doesn't it?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tri-State Fresh Face Winner May 2012

So i entered a photo contest and I won.  I am the first Tri-State Fresh Face winner for May 2012.  Here are the pictures that she took:

She also made it a YouTube video of the same pictures:

Here are some of the pictures:

Not so bad for my age, right?  Let me know what you think of them.
have a great day!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Days Of Our Lives First Gay Kiss

I have been watching Days Of Our Lives for many many years.  I am so happy they FINALLY have gay characters.  Sonny, the already out, happy and accepted character and Will, the guy struggling to come to terms with being gay.  It is  such a nice contrast having both on.  Hopefully they will be the next super couple!!!

Here is a video I took from my iPhone on the historic first gay kiss on DOOL.
In this video is Will on the right played by Chandler Massey and Neil played by Jesse Kristofferson. Sonny, played by Freddie Smithis the one catching Will:
This is only a part of the scene.  The longer version is too big to upload but i'm sure you can find it on

This is such an important story to tell and so far the writers have done it justice and I look forward to watching Will's journey to "find" himself and be happy who he is in a society that can be so hateful and the same society that can be so accepting.  Everyone's journey is so different and here's hoping Days Of Our Lives continues to  tell his story in a way that's truthful but yet, still soap-like.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Birthday Dinner

So, March 20th is my birthday and my brother picked the restaurant this year.  In attendance was my father, my mother, my brother, his girlfriend and her daughter Ashley.  We went to a Japanese Hibachi Grill where they cook your food right in front of you.  I've been to one before but never at this place located in Forked River, NJ.  I think it was called Fuji.  The experience is always great depending on the "cook".  This one was excellent and kept laughing at his own jokes LOL  But the funniest parts of the evening was when the cook referred to my mom as "momma-son" and my dad as "pappa-son".  I was just birthday boy.  But then the waitress kept referring to my dad as Grandpa.  We were all cracking up.  Most people would just say sir or ma'am but not the Japanese I guess.  

At the beginning of the dinner Ashely took the waitress its my birthday and I have to wear "the hat".  I had no idea what this meant until it was time.  So the waitress comes out with a japanese style hat (that she placed on my perfectly done hair ) and a GONG and everyone starts singing:
happy birthday to you GONG
happy birthday to you GONG...
you get the point...of course everyone around us was staring but after the GONG birthday song they play a "happy birthday" song over the loud speaker where EVERYONE could hear and stare at me.  Do I love the attention...kind of but still a little embarrassing.  Before is a picture my brother took:

overall it was a great experience and a terrific birthday dinner with my family!
Oh the birthday candle was in a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
thanks for reading!  <3

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

this is our corner of the bar!

I just love La Hacienda, especially now that they have Taco Tu
esdays!!! They are only $1 when you sit at the bar and purchase an alcoholic beverage. May I suggest the Strawberry Banana Margarita...delicious. You don't get a choice; they only serve hard-shelled beef tacos but who cares...they are so good especially when you add the home-made salsa. Oh, by the way, my favorite meal there is the Chicken Enchiladas with the green sauce (a must have)...spicy!

It has a great Mexican atmosphere and appropriate authentic music playing all day and night. They have dance classes on Wednesday nights and live music/bands on Friday and Saturday nights.

La Hacienda has the best staff. They are always so friendly and always service with a smile. Here is a picture:
That's Jodi, Christian and myself. See how fun they are? They make you feel like you're part of the La Hacienda family and always welcome....everyone says "hello".


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Viet Bistro

Hello Friends,

I decided to write again on my blog! This time I wanted to write about various places I've been and comment on them. I'd like to start with a restaurant I went to for lunch called Viet Bistro in the Cumberland Mall. A friend suggested this place to me because I love Vietnamese food. I drove an hour to get there and my friend came along.

If you want a fresh, out of the ordinary meal, this is the place to go. It was unlike any Vietnamese restaurant I've ever been to. We were greeted by a very nice guy who actually smiled while welcoming us. One thing I requested not to have in my soup was any kind of white onion or "green onion" (scallions). They make it very easy to order from the menu. Kind of like taking the class Vietnamese 101 on how to order and eat it.

I enjoy the noodle soup or "PHO". So being that it has been so cold outside, nice hot soup sounded like it would hit the spot. This is an example of what it looks like to order from their menu:

Noodle Soup - $5.99

Step 1: Choose one (1) of our fresh noodle options -

Rice Noodle (White); Spanish Noodle (Green); Soba Noodle (Yellow); or Vermicelli.

Step 2: Choose one of our fresh broth soup bases - Beef; Chicken; Spicy; or Veggie.

Step 3: Choose one of our meat selections or a meat alternative -
Grilled or Steamed Chicken; Beef Flank; Beef Brisket; Pork Chop; Beef Ball; Wonton; or Fish Ball.
Vegetarian options: Tofu or Steamed Vegetables.

Step 4: Personalize your soup with any of our garden-fresh ingredients - Bean sprouts; Cilantro; Scallion; Onions; Basil; or Lime.

- Signature Vietnamese Noodle Soup: Beef Noodle "Pho"
- Signature Vietnamese Spring Roll Vermicelli (Bun Cha Gio)
- Signature Vietnamese Grilled Pork or Chicken Lemongrass (Com Thit Nuong)

I ordered a rice noodle with beef broth and beef flank but when it came out it had onions so my friend complained and I got a new batch. It also came with the spicy broth but that was okay for me because I was going to add in the HOT myself. As you can see, it comes with and I added to my soup: Bean Sprouts, Cilantro, Basil and Mint leaves and I squeezed a lime over the top. It was so delicious.

A little Vietnamese lady came around and asked if everything was okay. She looked at me and knew it was my first time there. She was so nice to explain what the soup broth was made of that I was eating---A spicy lemongrass. She happened to be the owner my friend said and obviously pays attention to her patrons which was a breath of fresh air.

Every Vietnamese restaurant that I have been to makes slight variations to their meals and this was no exception. If it is your first venture to try this cuisine, I highly recommend this establishment (definitely above average) because there was no language barrier (as I have had in the past) and its easy to order from menu. BON APPETITE!!!

For more information you could visit

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

San Francisco

I know, I's been a long time since my trip but here we go. May 7-11, 2009
The plane ride...amazing clouds!

I had a great time. We went shopping at The Haight, we watched the movie MILK which was based out of San Francisco and then went to the CASTRO where it all took place. it was amazing!!! We even saw the suit Harvey was murdered in. We even went to the California Academy of Sciences. So here are some pictures.

Albino alligator
The Painted Ladies
Dart Frogs

My friend Ron

S.F. had some funny signs too:

Here are some videos too:

This blue lizard was walking all around the place until I started to record him and then he stopped...must have been camera shy.

There is a sea horse video but it wouldn't load but it has a funny sorry because some woman (who didn't work there) decided to tell me that I couldn't take the video. I kind of got a little nasty with her and told her my flash was not on. If she continued...I think I would have---who was she anyway, the video police?

I want to go back...I could totally see myself as a San Francisco boy. There was more I would like to see so I'm hoping one of these days I'll get another invitation to return.


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