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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


So it was the end of my shift and I started sweeping the floor when I came across something gross.  Here is a picture of what I saw
So now I'm grossed out because there was a lot of it behind the counter.  So I called my boss and told her: "I think we have a mouse or mice because I found a lot mice poop on the floor".  Then I said "actually I think it might be a rat because the poop is so big".  First she said "get down and smell it" but she was only kidding and then she told me to take a picture (above) and send it to her.  After receiving the picture she asked where it was located so I told her in the corner behind the counter.  She then said "is it by the coffee machine?"  I said yes and then felt very stupid.  She told me earlier that day someone spilled COFFEE BEANS on the floor and apparently missed some.  Only me, but it does make a funny story, doesn't it?

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